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The Clinical Quality and Medical Staff Support Services division consults with hospitals and health care organizations of all sizes on peer reviews, standards of care, credentialing and more.

The Regulatory Services division assists hospitals, nursing homes and other organizations in identifying and complying with the ever-growing list of regulations in the health care industry.

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Peer Review and the Employed Physician


Seventy percent of doctors coming out of med school are making the decision to be employed instead of going into private practice. Learn what this means for your hospital from QMCG Executive Director Catherine Ballard in this video from Bricker & Eckler’s annual Top 10 Hot Topics in Health Care Law for 2014.

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Provider-Based Compliance

  Provider-Based Compliance Program  
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Q: If my service isn’t attaining aspirational volume recommendations specified in rule, should I request a waiver from the Ohio Department of Health?


Chapter 3701-84 rules provide aspirational volumes that a service should attain. However, these annual procedure volumes are recommended volumes that a provider should attain, rather than required volumes that a provider must attain. In addition, a service doesn’t know whether it has met the aspirational volume until after-the-fact. It is not until the end of the year that you can determine whether the aspirational volume has or has not been met. ODH has determined that it cannot issue a waiver to an aspirational volume recommendation, as this is not a “required” criterion, nor can ODH issue a waiver after-the-fact. A waiver is issued prior to a service not meeting the requirement and, as such, a waiver cannot be issued after a failure to meet a requirement.

Recommendation: Develop and implement policies to increase the service’s volume level, document policies in the service plan, and document efforts to increase volume levels. Identify these policies in your plan of correction if cited.

For additional information, contact Chris Kenney, Director of Regulatory Services at 614-227-4865 or ckenney@qmcg.com.

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